Tuesday, May 12, 2015

The Last Legacy Schedule

The Last Legacy
by Taylor Lavati
Genre: Dystopia/Romance

Disaster strikes North America, leaving people without the most basic amenities. Lana is taken from her home and forced to accept a world full of infected, violent beings. Life as humans know it is over, and in its place is a constant fear of death, paranoia, and savagery. 

The mission in this new world is simple: survive. But survival comes at a cost few can 

As Lana and Jim find more survivors, new threats surface, their past decisions haunting them as they pass through abandoned towns. Armed with nothing but the pack on her back and a long-handled knife, Lana fears whether or not they'll make it to their destination--or if she'll perish along the way.

Tour Dates

7/5-Ebooks Galore
7/5-LBM Book Blog
7/5-Anything But Vanilla Books
7/6-Dreamer Talks Books
7/6-A Bit Bookish
7/6-Carly's Cozy Corner
7/7-Ebook Addicts
7/7-Amanda's Blog
7/7-she READS
7/8-Midnight Angel Book Heaven
7/8-Spreading the Word
7/8-Bookworm Bridgette's World
7/9-Shannan's World of Books
7/9-Author Sandra Love
7/10-2 Bibliophiles Guide
7/10-Literature Litehouse
7/11-Danielle's Domain
7/11-Room With Books

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