Monday, May 11, 2015

Bringing Down Sam Schedule

Bringing Down Sam
by Leslie Kelly
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance

A Super-Sexy, Funny Romance from New York Times Bestselling Author Leslie Kelly! 

High school teacher Eve Barret has a secret—she was once a child modeling superstar. She’s left that life far behind, and has no intention of returning to it. At least not until her best friends talk her into a crazy scheme to “bring down” Public Enemy Number 1: Sam Kenneman. 

Sam Kenneman has every woman in the country up in arms about his new bestseller, 101 Ways To Avoid Commitment. The book’s supposed to be a joke—but women just aren’t getting it. Now he just wants the frenzy to die down so life can go back to normal. 

Her goal? Teach him a lesson. 

His goal? Don’t fall for the sexy blonde. 

The problem? They can’t resist each other! 

Tour Dates 6/13-6/19

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