Sunday, May 10, 2015

Reforming Jake Schedule

Reforming Jake
by Leslie Kelly
Genre: Sexy Contemporary Romance

The long-awaited sequel to New York Times Bestselling Author Leslie Kelly's popular novel, BRINGING DOWN SAM! 

Jake Montez is a tough, brawling, badass P.I. on a Harley. 

Leanne Weston is a calm, quiet, artistic interior designer. 

They have nothing in common. But when she has to bail him out of jail, and he repays the debt by keeping her safe from a mugger, sparks fly between the good girl and the oh-so-bad boy. 

Their affair is steamy-hot, and super-secret. But can two people from such different backgrounds, with such different dreams, ever really make things work outside the bedroom? 

Tour Dates 

6/26-Butterflies Books Dreams

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