Saturday, October 3, 2015

Limelight Schedule

by Kim Carmichael
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Worth The Wait…
Twenty years ago, Drew Fulton was made famous in the genre-changing movie, Hollywood Stardust and fell in love with his costar, Erin Holland. Left heartbroken and fed up, he played his ultimate role and walked away from his life, taking on an entirely new persona. Now he wants everything back, from his place in the limelight to the love that made him leave. He only needs to make sure he can leave the past in the past.
Known as the spoiled, has-been star of Hollywood, Erin Holland has spent the last two decades pining away for the one love she cannot have.  Blindsided when Drew Fulton appears in her life as mysteriously as he disappeared, she is torn between acting on her heart and using Drew’s reappearance to relight her star.
Together for the first time in twenty years, their true passion consumes them, but the sparks of old wounds still threaten to burn out of control before they can decide if their love was worth waiting for.

Tour Dates

10/23-Ebooks Galore-review
10/24-Dreamer Talks Books
10/24-Ebook Addicts
10/24-One Book Boyfriend At A Time
10/24-Cutting Muse Blog Review-Review
10/25-Midnight Angel Book Heaven
10/25-Author Sandra Love
10/25-Free to Be Me
10/26-A Bit Bookish-review
10/26-Sapphyria's Steamy Books
10/26-Ashley Book Blog
10/27-Literature Litehouse
10/27-Anything But Vanilla Books
10/27-Sweet N Sassy Book A Holics
10/28-Carly's Cozy  Corner
10/29-My Reading Reality https:/
10/29-We Read With A Glass of Wine
10/29-The Color of Ink

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