Thursday, August 27, 2015

Witch's Concubine Cover Reveal Schedule

Witch's Concubine
by Cara Carnes
Genre: Paranormal Romance

What does a witch do when the only vampire strong enough to lift her curse is in jail?
Break him out, of course. Macy Davenport has two weeks to purge the familial course or she’ll suffer a sex-starved eternity. Finding a vampire strong enough to handle her rare dragon witch powers wasn’t easy. But Doctor Death comes with a very high price and a string of complications. Nothing stands between a cursed witch and her quarry.
Prince Dmitri Siysky, aka Doctor Death, doesn’t have time for the fiery dragon witch, even if her carnal dilemma offers interesting compensation. There’s an underground slave ring selling vampires and he’s been sent the witches responsible. He expected trouble, but he never anticipated Macy.

Tour Date 9/5

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