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Royals of Monterra Kindle World

Royals of Monterra Kindle World
brought to you by Sariah Wilson
Genre: Royal Romances from clean to historical, to slightly paranormal, there's something for everyone
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Ronaria’s Prince Layton’s work with orphaned children has brought him to the Summit in Monterra, but it was by chance he walked into the quaint bistro in search of a treat for the kids in his care.

The bistro’s owner Georgianne Bosco doesn’t first recognize him, and her blunt honesty and warmth to his children has him longing for a way to turn this business trip into a royal holiday.

It started with a kiss. 
Ten years ago, fifteen-year-old Anna Matretti visited the kingdom of Monterra and kissed a boy as part of a silly teenage game…except because she was blindfolded, she never knew who the boy was. That day ended in embarrassment and Anna's solemn vow to play everything safe going forward. Now Anna's back at the same fairytale castle for a society wedding. Only this time, she’s going to manage her weekend properly: no adventures, no distractions.  
Paolo de Gosta, future Duke of Monterra, knows all about distractions. Though he’s taking a precious weekend off to attend his sister’s wedding, he’s buried himself in his work for so long he’s forgotten what happiness is. When a vision from his past steps back into his present, however, he remembers the blindfolded girl from whom he once stole a kiss, all those years ago…and wonders what it would be like to hold her in his arms again. 
It’s a weekend for weddings, adventures, and the very best distractions. And it all might just lead to the perfect Royal Kiss. 

I’m a princess who’s never been royally kissed.
Till I met the baddest boy ever.
And I followed him down the rabbit hole.
Into the maddest adventure ever . . .

Nestled at the foot of the Monterran Alps, the exclusive boarding school seemed like the perfect place for Heather to shed her title of nerd princess. And to explore her artistic creativity in the world of design, maybe even give her heart to the right guy.
Then she meets Ridge McConnell, the new hottie at school with a bad boy rep that is so not what a royal princess needs on her dance card. Kicked out of every boarding school in Europe, this is Ridge’s last chance to clean up his act.
The two misfits form a deep and often tempestuous bond that will try their beliefs in what makes a happily-ever-after. Will Heather let herself fall for Ridge in spite of everything? Or will Ridge break her heart?
This is a YA Novella that picks up where Royal Bride left off with Princess Heather’s story and how a young girl can fall down the rabbit hole and into the world of party drugs even if she doesn’t want to.

Prince Dominic has changed.

After missing from Aria’s life for six weeks, Prince Dominic tracked her to a beach in Istanbul and promised her everything. But once Aria stepped foot on that speedboat she recognized Prince Dominic wasn’t the same boy she left behind in Monterra.

Uprooting her gypsy life has also uprooted old nightmares and surprises reveal themselves at inopportune times. Aria isn’t the only one with secrets.
When Prince Dominic proposes a royal future together, will Aria accept or cling to her gypsy past?

Book 2 in the Forgotten Princess Series (A Royals of Monterra Kindle Worlds Series)   

Two things Liza Johanson never thought she’d do.
1.    Become a modern day matchmaker to appease her retiring grandmother.
2.  Fall head over heels in love with a stuffy prince.
Liza Johanson doesn’t believe there’s a secret to finding true love. A journalist by day and novelist by night, she only practices the art of matching to appease her grandmother; the woman who took her in when the rest of her family fell apart. Love is as simple as fitting two pieces of a puzzle together. It’s the making the pieces fit that’s the issue.
Prince Tony Ferraris is letting his family down. Cousin to the king of Monterra, Tony didn’t inherit the family’s uncanny ability to recognize true love. Now, with an ultimatum of finding a match so his younger sister can marry hanging overhead, he’ll do anything to find the perfect woman. Even if the woman he wants turns out to be the very matchmaker searching for his true love.

When all else fails…
Lady Claire Sutherland is not exactly on anybody’s favorite person list, and she knows it well. After her disaster with the Monterran Royal Family, she’s found herself without any other friends and absolutely nothing to do. Desperate to change her situation and regain what she has lost, she attends a house party in Tuscany, though she doubts it will improve anything. 
…could his kiss be just what she needs?
When Claire discovers that Salvatore, the duca di Brista, notorious playboy and friend of the Fiorelli family, is also a guest, she knows the party is doomed to fail for her. Salvatore has never liked Claire, and the feeling is mutual. But when the guests are required to kiss someone the first night, and they find themselves in each other’s arms, everything begins to shift Claire’s world in a way she could never have expected.

A first kiss should be a very easy thing to accomplish for a pretty, young and vibrant thirteen year old princess. But that doesn't seem to be the case for Princess Serafina. One innocent and curious attempt with her lifelong friend, Nicholas, turns into one of the most humiliating experiences of her life. And to add to her misery . . . her selfish and immature actions threaten to put a truly noble and innocent boy in jail. Problems compound problems and ultimately, she has no one to blame but herself.

Follow along as Serafina tries desperately to repair the damage she has caused. Take a mythical adventure through strange lands filled with fairies and ogres, talking insects and some pretty nasty frogs.  Watch as her two worlds collide and she is put to the test to see if she is worthy of one of the most sought after and coveted prizes in this young lady’s life—her first kiss.

A story for all ages, Princess Serafina will remind those who have forgotten about and excite those who have not yet travelled down the road, that young romance is as complicated a journey as any on earth.

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