Thursday, November 12, 2015

Tales from Epsilon Schedule

Tales From Epsilon Details

Once upon a time…Y2K happened. Because of forgotten code on a secret government weapon the unthinkable became a reality. An electromagnetic pulse, known as The Wave, struck five centers of humanity within the US triggering an electronic apocalypse that wiped out civilization as though someone had hit the delete button. 25 years later North America has been divided into five new regions. Each region contains one epicenter (EC) of The Wave. In EC Epsilon there are six motorcycle clubs that worked out a way to keep what was once San Diego, CA alive. Together they run Epsilon, providing a socioeconomic structure that, while primitive, is effective in a world with a crumbling physical infrastructure.

Love & Survival
by Sorcha Mowbray
Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Motorcycle Club, Fairytale, Ménage, Erotic Romance

Warning: This sizzling story contains two hot men riding bikes and trying to survive in a post-apocalyptic world.
Best friends since they were kids Liam Whelan and Nate Lords struggle to survive in a post-apocalypse civilization where the government is crumbling. Dramatic changes in their lives will either drive them apart or bring them closer together than they ever imagined.

Love & Punishment
by Sorcha Mowbray
Genre: Post-Apocalypse, Motorcycle Club, Fairytale, Ménage, Erotic Romance

Once upon a time…
Bel was a happy girl with loving parents. Now she lives for revenge. At her father’s urging a plan is set in motion which quickly spins out of control. Expecting to be used and abused by The Beasts MC, who are known for their orgiastic ways, she is prepared to accept her fate in order to execute her mission.
The time has come to even the score with the men responsible for her mother’s death.
Nate and Liam, leaders of The Beasts, have their hands full ensuring the survival of their people as they sell Beast Brew to survive in a city crumbling around them. When a Rose MC member is plucked from their care the laws of Epsilon demand the perpetrator forfeit his life. But then the leader of The Devil’s Disciples’ daughter offers herself in exchange for his life, and they can’t refuse the beauty’s plea.
Once she’s pressed between them they know they’re keeping her for their own, but first they must figure out why she’s there.

Tour Dates

12/14-Ebooks Galore
12/15-Author Sandra Love-excerpt
12/16-Outrageous Heroes-fun facts
12/17-LBM Book Blog
12/18-Dreamer Talks Books
12/19-A Bit Bookish
12/20-Eskimo Princess Book Review-excerpt, fun facts
12/21-Ebook Addicts
12/22-Midnight Angel Book Heaven
12/23-Sapphyria Steamy Books
12/24-Literature Litehouse
12/25-Anything But Vanilla Books
12/26-Danielle's Domain
12/27-My Reading Reality https:/
12/28-We Read With A Glass of Wine
12/29-Indy Book Fairy
12/30-One Book Boyfriend At A Time
12/31-Ebooks Galore
1/1-Stormy Nights Reviewing
1/2-The Color of Ink
1/3-Bound By Books Book Review
1/5-Bookwench I Am
1/6-2 Bibliophiles Guide
1/7-Butterflies Books Dreams
1/8-Angie's Afterthoughts
1/9-Ebooks Galore
1/10-Cutting Muse Blog Review-excerpt, review
1/11-Free to Be me
1/12-Abibliophile Anonymous-excerpt Http://
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