Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Bachelor.com Book 1-Bachelors Three Series Schedule

Bachelors Three Series
by Kathye Quick
Genre: Contemporary Romance
192 pages

Jack Reeves has loved Kinley Adams since the day he rescued her computer from a fatal blue
screen. In the two years since, the computer programmer has fantasized about a life with her.
Kinley, an Engineering Assistant, has come to think of Jack as more than just a friend. One
night, just when each had finally decided to reveal their feelings are deeper than friendship, a
terrible automobile accident puts their confessions on hold.

Doctors have no choice but to rebuild Jack's face, and the result changes everything. Can Jack
and Kinley overcome his transformation from geek to chic, a secret double life, and a horde of
willing women who have discovered the new Jack Reeves? Will the frog ever become the prince and ride off with his princess to live happily ever after?

Tour Dates

8/17-Ebooks Galore- review
8/21-Spreading the Word- review
8/23-Ashley Book Blog- review

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