Sunday, April 26, 2015

Resurrection Schedule

Wesson Rebels MC Book 3
Shyla Colt
Genre: Biker Romance

After a horrific betrayal stole her voice and nearly her life, Vita retreated from the world. Dependent on her brother to provide, and protect, the family farm house became a tower to hide in. When her brother, Houdini winds up missing, she must come clean about their past to his. M.C. The result is a downward spiral that will change both of their lives forever.
The only one who can understand sign language, Prophet finds himself assigned to the petite beauty.  When her lies become a tangled web, that threatens to ensnare them all, like changes to loathing. She’s just like the woman who ruined his family and almost took his life. Determined to keep her at a distance, he puts up a wall.
When fate forces them to depend on each other for survival, barriers tumble down, truths come to the light, and an unbreakable bond is forged.  When reality returns they have two choices, retreat into the darkness or remain in the light. 

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